How We Ride

Our Wednesday Night Rides ride style and culture is its own beautiful thing, but we’ve taken inspiration from the many group bike rides before us. In particular, the legendary San Jose Bike Party (SJBP) “How We Ride” guide offers a vision for how a large group of cyclists can have a great & safe ride through a city without causing havoc. Our “How We Ride” guide is based on SJBP’s, with a few modifications and additions:


  1. Everyone is welcome

    WNR is for everyone! No matter how or how often you ride a bike, we’d love to have you join us.

  2. Stop at lights

    Traffic lights are fundamentally different from stop signs. At a stop sign, everyone is supposed to stop (or in Philly, at least slow to a roll!). At a light, however, the traffic with a green is coming through at full speed. It’s dangerous to run lights and you generally shouldn’t do it. There are exceptions: if you can see far and clearly in both directions and no cars are in sight, you can proceed with caution. Use common sense and be safe. Hanging out at a red light is a great chance to talk with your friends, make new ones, or just look around at the city.

  3. Stay to the right

    Unless there’s good reason to do otherwise, on most streets, take the right lane or the right side of the lane. Be predictable.

  4. Pack your trash

    Self-explanatory. Don’t litter.

  5. Roll past conflict

    We are not a confrontational ride. There are occasionally times when we’ll briefly block traffic, to ensure everyone’s safety, but even then, we do it in a non-aggressive way. Do not swarm, block or trap cars, or engage with cars or people that are being assholes. Let it go, keep us all safe.

  6. Ride sober

    The expectation is that you arrive at the ride sober, because it’s a bad idea to ride drunk with dozens of other cyclists in close proximity. Yes, we often end at a bar or restaurant – if you drink, please drink responsibly.

  7. Be nice

    One of the best things about Wednesday Night Rides is the kind, friendly, feel-good feeling. Let’s keep it that way! Treat everyone with respect.

  8. Bring lights

    After dark, PA law requires a front-facing white headlight and a rear red reflector or tail-light. This is a night ride, you need lights. They also look fantastic! Party lights for your wheels or frame lights are very worthwhile accessories – they make you much more visible and get positive reactions from passersby.

  9. Yield to pedestrians

    See also: be nice. Bikes should yield to pedestrians, don’t be a jerk.

  10. Be prepared

    You need water in the summer, warm clothes in the winter. A simple repair kit (multi-tool, spare tube, flat fix kit) is a great idea. Plan food, if you want to.

  11. Risks & Responsibilities: You don’t need to sign a waiver to join a Wednesday Night Ride, because it’s an entirely voluntary & free group activity. But please keep in mind:

Photo Disclaimer

We may take photos, videos, and audio during our rides. We reserve the right to post these on our website, social media accounts, and other channels without expressed permission of those included in the photos/videos.