2023-09-06 Ride Details

Start: Eastern State Penitentiary (north side, on the Brown Street Lawn)
Time: Meet at 7pm, roll at 7:10pm
End: Human Robot. Outdoor seating available.
Length: 10 miles, flat (+104ft / -166ft)
Level of difficulty: Standard
Route: Ride with GPS

This week, Han will be leading us from the Eastern State Penitentiary (we’re meeting on the Brown Street Lawn on the north side, not the main entrance on Fairmount) to Human Robot in Kensington. The route includes nice stretches of the SRT, Passyunk Ave, and the DRT.

Important note: Human Robot is 21+ at the time we’ll arrive at the brewery. If you’re younger than 21 or are a parent and plan on riding with children, we’d love to have you join us for the ride but unfortunately, you’ll have to make alternative post-ride plans. The vast majority of our rides and post-ride destinations are open to all ages, but occasionally, we’ll pick a destination that has specific restrictions.

A few notes, complementary to our How We Ride guide:

  • Stay behind the leader of the ride.
  • Do not block intersections with stop lights, in particular major intersections like Kelly Drive, Washington Ave, and Delaware Ave. On the last ride we had folks blocking major roads in direct conflict with cars, which we’re trying to avoid. It’s OK for our group to get broken up at lights, in fact necessary as our ride grows in size. Stick with a group big enough to hold the lane, and make friends while waiting for a green light.
  • Regroup points: we have two planned regroup points, one at Fitler Square and one at the South St parking lot on Delaware Ave.
  • After crossing Kelly Dr, we turn right, behind the Art Museum, to get to the Schuylkill River Trail.
  • To cross Delaware Ave the first time, we’ll go across the South St pedestrian bridge, down the ramp, regather in the parking lot, and then cross Delaware Ave to the Delaware River Trail with the light at Lombard St.
  • We’ll cross Delaware Ave the second time at Rivers Casino, with the light onto Laurel St. Use caution as traffic from Frankford gets a green light at the same time as we will. We’ll proceed down Laurel to Germantown Ave, traveling on a unique pedestrian-priority street in the Piazza.
  • If you ride with your phone or bike computer mounted on the bike, please pin or download the route ahead of time and run it in navigation during the ride. The more people who know where we’re going, the better!

The forecast looks encouraging this week, but since it’s thunderstorm season, our practice is not to make a call on weather until day-of to give Mother Nature every possible opportunity to change her mind. We’ll cancel any ride by 3pm that day. It’s gonna be a hot one though, so bring plenty of water and stay hydrated!

Thanks for riding!