2024-02-07 | Birthday Roll

Start: Catherine Thorn Fountain, 23rd and South
Time: Meet at 7pm, roll at 7:10pm
End: Founding Fathers, 1612 South Street. Outdoor seating available.
Length: 5.6 mi, very flat (+24 ft/-26 ft)
Level of difficulty: Easy Peasy
Route: Ride with GPS | Komoot | .GPX download

Your humble WNR Instagram overlord Annie is turning 40 - come ride her age! We’ll be ending at Founding Fathers at 16th & South. Please check out our How We Ride guide so we keep each other safe! If you’re not up for the winter ride, it’s always cool to meet the group at the bar, too.

We’re aware of the forecast for rain tomorrow night. However, the forecast has been improving with time (with the rain shifting later), so according to our practice of “giving Mother Nature every possible opportunity for a bike ride” we’re going to wait to make the call tomorrow. If we can’t ride tomorrow, we’ll reschedule this ride for our next regularly scheduled date, Feb 7.

Specifically, we’d like to call attention to a couple of practices that are really important to how we do our rides to keep us all safe:

  • Stop at red lights. This may be different from other group rides you have been on in the past—please DO NOT hold car traffic at intersections against the traffic light. If there’s a red light, we stop. Stick with a group big enough to hold the lane, and make friends while waiting for a green light. To avoid anxiety about getting separated, it’s helpful to have as many people as possible using turn-by-turn navigation with RideWithGPS or Komoot.
  • Roll past conflict. Sadly, it’s almost inevitable we’ll encounter drivers who are unhappy their commute is interrupted by 30 seconds as a result of our ride. Do what makes sense to avoid and reduce conflict by pulling over, consolidating the group, or whatever makes sense in the situation. Do not swarm, block, or trap cars. Do not engage with aggressive car drivers.

Thanks for riding! Feel free to invite a friend and we’ll see you Wednesday!