2024-05-29 | CHT to Manayunk

Start: Drexel Park, 32nd & Baring
Time: Meet at 7pm, roll at 7:10pm
End: Manayunk PHS Pop-up Garden, 106 Jamestown Ave.. Outdoor seating available.
Length: 8 miles, rolling hills (+/- 300ft)
Level of difficulty: Standard
Route: Ride with GPS | Komoot | .GPX download

This week, long-time rider, returning ride leader, and Northwest Night Rides organizer Jake will lead us to Manayunk via the Cynwyd Heritage Trail (CHT). I love this route, which also includes the 42nd St bridge, the Parkside bikeway, and the Manayunk pedestrian bridge. We’ll end the ride at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) Pop-up Garden in Manayunk. Last time we ended at the PHS Pop-up, there was a long wait to get in while people signed in - this year, you do not need to sign-in on their tablets to enter, you just need to show ID. The tablets are for email sign-up.

There’s a chance of rain Wednesday evening - as usual, we’ll keep an eye on the forecast and make a call by 3p on Wednesday. If we don’t announce otherwise, the ride is on.

Even if you’ve been on a ride before, please take the time to read our How We Ride guide. Wednesday Night Rides has some specific practices and norms that may be different from other group rides you’ve been a part of; we’d appreciate everyone following our ride norms so everyone’s on the same page which will help keep the ride safe and fun. Specifically, we’d like to highlight these:

  • Stop at lights. Please, please DO NOT block intersections contrary to the traffic light. If the light turns red, please stop. If you’re worried about getting separated from the group, downloading the route to your phone in advance using Komoot or RideWithGPS is a great way to make sure you don’t get lost.
  • Roll past conflict. We are not a confrontational ride. Do not swarm, block or trap cars, or engage with cars or people that are being jerks. Let it go, keep us all safe.

Finally, a reminder of risks and responsibilities. You don’t need to sign a waiver to join a Wednesday Night Ride, because it’s an entirely voluntary & free group activity. But please keep in mind:

  • Everyone rides at their own risk.
  • Every rider is responsible for themselves, their behavior, and their bike.
  • Keep your bike properly maintained. Here’s a link to a basic bike check.
  • Cycling has inherent risks–you could crash, fall down, or get hit by a car, and get hurt or even killed–though we try to minimize these risks.
  • If you have a health condition that could affect your ride or put you at additional risk, consider a) checking in with a doctor, b) letting us or a friend know, c) having a backup plan to get home if riding doesn’t work out.
  • We always plan to have a sweeper, but can’t rule out that you could get lost, or that your bike could break down and you’ll need to find another way home.

Thanks for riding! See you Wednesday.